Managing a diverse set of businesses in different markets with diverse characteristics is a challenge that large conglomerates face day-in and day-out.

Whether trading in natural resources, agricultural products or electronic components, proper cash management is critical to ensuring that goods get shipped and businesses get paid.

Cash is King

Unsurprisingly, cash management through real time collaboration is a large part of the group treasury’s role in a large corporate conglomerate.

To effectively manage liquidity requirements within a group, the group treasury must be able to forecast accurately and track funding needs against the maturity profile of investments across the group. All this needs to be done while ensuring an equitable distribution of returns to individual companies within the group.

Liquidity Management Made Easy

The professional treasury management solution from CS Lucas helps companies meet this challenge by providing a global view of a group’s cash position, enabling it to leverage on economies of scale when making investment and borrowing decisions. Companies are also able to use CS Lucas to keep auditable reports, track outstanding liabilities and provide better forecasts for more effective cash management.

Key cash management features include: