The CS Lucas solution has a variety of powerful features that will be appreciated by Chief Financial Officers, Group Treasurers and Fund Managers. These are designed to improve control, increase efficiency and standardise processes across global or regional operations.

Making Sense of Complex Financial Transactions

Within the corporate treasury, there is a need to manage a mind-boggling array of transactions spanning a multitude of assets and liabilities. Cash management takes place on a daily basis and efficiency and accuracy are key.

Fund managers and trustees face similar complexities. The performance of different asset classes needs to be tracked, compliance with investment criteria needs to be monitored, and overall performance indicators need to be managed.

Delivering Answers Where Needed

When it comes down to it, all those complexities must be translated into decisions that maximise returns, minimise risk and power the financial muscle of companies to attain their business goals.

CS Lucas has been helping companies achieve these objectives since 1996. Counting many of Asia’s top 100 companies as customers, CS Lucas’ pragmatic, 360° approach to treasury and investment management ensures that the right things are done right.

Drawing on the experience of having provided trusted financial solutions to large corporate treasuries and fund management companies since 1996, CS Lucas offers its clients proven solutions to real-world problems.

Meeting Real Needs

The CS Lucas solution provides a professional IT solution for corporate treasuries and fund managers to automate:

Commodity Hedging

Monitor hedging of commodity price fluctuation using swaps and future. This provides visibility on unhedged exposure and tracks cost of such hedging activities.

Hedge Accounting

The system provides hedging documentation and linkage between underlying and derivative transactions. With this systematic approach, hedge effectiveness may be assessed and users can correctly apply permitted hedge accounting treatment to reduce undue volatility in reported earnings.

Designed Right, Even to the Core

Core design features of the solution include:

Dashboards, Pivot and Reporting

Over 250 standardised reports, dashboards, statements and performance results can be generated by the system.  The system has in-build pivoting tool that allows ad hoc charting and analysis of generalized dataset.  Data can be easily and accurately extracted to Excel and Word formats as well.

Extensions App

Clients can download from the CS Lucas apps store into the system to instantly extend CS Lucas’ capability without the need to customize.   These apps are published by CS Lucas and its partners- and provide a wide range of complex dashboards, reports and system alerts.

Flexible Enough For Any Company

The CS Lucas solution is available in a variety of deployment models that cater to different-sized companies ranging from large corporations to boutique firms. It is flexible enough to be installed within an in-house data centre or is available as a hosted solution for companies that wish to outsource the running of their treasury management solution.

Implementation options available for the CS Lucas solution include:

Whatever the chosen deployment model, clients can be assured of the same compelling benefits offered by the CS Lucas solution. With CS Lucas, get straight answers to complex questions.

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