Real Estate

Managing the Complexities of
Real Estate Businesses

In the complex world of real estate, holding companies may contain dozens of special-purpose vehicles, subsidiaries and joint-venture companies. Co-financing arrangements, debt-repayment schedules, exchange-rate shifts and differing regulatory regimes are but some of the common risks that demand constant monitoring and management.

At the group treasury level, keeping track of group-wide transactions can be a complex and time-consuming process. If not carried out properly, errors can lead to poor decisions, exposure to unnecessary risks, and a failure to maximise the return on assets.

Keep Track of Complex Transactions

CS Lucas’ powerful treasury management solution helps real estate companies efficiently stay on top of their numerous day-to-day transactions, and comply with corporate governance regulations.

With the CS Lucas solution, real estate companies can better manage their funding profile and risk with 360° cash and funding visibility.

Real estate clients have found the following modules to be helpful:



Debt management

Debt management funding

Cross border funding and foreign exchange risk management

Working capital management 

Interest and foreign exchange risk management 

Short term quasi intercompany company funding

Guarantees, Performance Bonds Use for project risk management 

Cash and Liquidity Management

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