Our Strengths

Right Value. Best Fit.
Sound operation.

“Longevity” is not a word often associated with technology, but it’s CS Lucas’ calling card.

With 25 years doing nothing but treasury risk systems, we’ve developed wide and deep experience.

Without fail, our expertise delivers secured performance and value for our clients. It can do the same for you.


25 years old, and still management-owned. 

We keep a conservative eye on risk and take a long-term view on client relationships. 

And so for your peace of mind, we offer a full-feature trial for evaluation, provide access to user guides, and publicise our subscription rates.

Indeed, transparency saves everyone time and money, and it’s rewarded us well with sustainable profitability over many years. We’re confident that you’ll love working with us, too.

Management Heritage

CS Lucas’ senior management have graced this company for over 13 years—experience that’s been key to driving client success. Our management team have installed CS Lucas systems in over ten countries. They’re true experts at managing and resolving technology and usage issues. 

We invest heavily in our workforce because we know that workforce stability is critical for client success. There are no shortcuts to building the experience and deep domain knowledge that help our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing technology landscape.


Product-Led Success

Good products drive business growth. Hence, product research and development (R&D) constitutes over 75% of our payroll—more than three times the industry average.

That’s why we can keep building better, more intuitive features that boost productivity and keep clients ahead of technology and regulation curves. And with CS Lucas’ exceptional commitment to R&D, our products remain secure in the face of increasing cybersecurity threats.



In today’s climate of cyber threats, security is paramount. You can rest assured that with us, your data will be safe.

Our processes not only comply but are independently audited to meet the ISO 27001 Standard for Information Security. And our system is protected by robust measures that are as good as—if not better than—many of those from the largest global financial institutions in the world. 

To stay at the forefront of security, we rely only on partners whose operations strictly observe stringent security best practices and comply with industry assurance programs.


Rapid Deployment

The CS Lucas solution is designed for rapid deployment. Our wide array of implementations tools and proven methodology equip us to to deliver solutions on time and on budget. You can start using the system immediately. Within a matter of weeks, you’ll be operating a fully integrated production grade environment.


Competence and Practicality

Our customers expect nothing but practical solutions from CS Lucas. And using our expertise in treasury, corporate finance, project management, and technology, practical solutions are exactly what we deliver.

Whatever industry experience you have, we’ll take it and empower you with the best practices relevant to you. We’ll guide you through the process changes you need to optimise your operations. Our goal is for you to reap maximum benefits from CS Lucas through higher productivity and better decision-making.


Enhancement on Request

How do we stay ahead of the competition? By taking your feature requests to build no-frills solutions that address real business problems.

We release feature requests every two weeks through our agile development methodology.  You’ll enjoy frequent updates to CS Lucas, available at no additional charge.

Cash Visibility

360° Visibility for Cash Forecast, Payment, Borrowing and Investments.


Risk Control

100% Control over Financial and Operational Risk

We manage financial and operational risk in three domains: Transactional, Compliance and Price.

100% Risk Control

Seamless Connectivity

Effective treasury management requires seamless connectivity to legacy systems such as e-banking, payment service providers, accounting systems, and more.

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