About Us

25 Years of Leadership in
Corporate Treasury Systems

With CS Lucas, you get a treasury management system that gives you

360º cash visibility,

100% risk control and

24/7 seamless connectivity.

Totally predictable. Totally reliable.

Totally sustainable performance.


For 25 years, corporations have enjoyed our treasury systems. And still, they continue to trust our extensive expertise—this is what we do all day! We’re reliable and deeply experienced, delivering secured performance day after day, month after month, year after year. Our unique approach has served our clients well. They’re in business for the long term, and so are we.


Business Partners

With some of the world’s leading technology providers at our disposal, we offer robust, secure technology that can boost your treasury and investment performance. Whether to deploy a specific architecture or to tune for performance, our global partnerships give us 24/7 access to deep technical expertise that will benefit you.


We help top companies make the right business decisions every day. Our global client list includes public sector agencies and well-established companies spanning many industries. They use CS Lucas to better manage their cash, hedge foreign exchange risks, and manage their investments. Clients trust us for reliable and predictable performance—and we deliver, because their success is our success.

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