Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

For more than two decades, CS Lucas has empowered chief financial officers, group treasurers and fund managers with tools to make the right decisions and boost operational efficiency.

With us, you’ll have financial markets expertise combined with IT specialist skills.

Enabling Corporate Treasuries

With CS Lucas, you’ll have 360° cash visibility with 100% risk control. You’ll be better poised to improve productivity and make sound, strategic decisions.

You can automate your operations with CS Lucas’ 24/7 seamless integration to ERP, payment service providers and legacy systems. End your heavy reliance on error-prone spreadsheets for critical operations.

Empowering Better Investment Management

While working with capital and funds ear-marked for medium- and long-term projects, fund managers, trustees and public sector organisations use CS Lucas to manage compliance with investment criteria.

Clients from numerous industries rely on CS Lucas for their operations:

Real Estate/REITs



Oil and Gas


Public Sector

Fund Management and Trusts

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