Fund Management​

Maximising Asset Yield Starts with Having
the Right Tools in Place

Fund managers are increasingly faced with greater oversight and complexity when executing a fund’s investment strategy. Ensuring compliance is an essential requirement for any fund to maintain its investors’ trust and confidence.

Investor Confidence Is #1

With CS Lucas, fund managers and family offices have a professional tool to automate manual processes and monitor compliance with investment policies and rules. Complex compliance rules set by clients can be easily and accurately implemented within the system. Controls can be proactively reviewed and trades actively monitored.

Execute More Informed Decisions

Past performance is captured within the system, allowing fund managers to efficiently analyse and evaluate information for portfolio allocation. Investment decisions can then be translated into trades and orders that can be managed within the system.

As the CS Lucas solution is fully auditable, you’ll build up your clients’ trust and confidence in how their portfolio is managed.

Our fund management clients have found the following modules to be useful:




Track portfolio investment with compliance rules


Short term investment management


Settling foreign currency trades 

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