Oil and Gas

Meeting the Needs of the
Oil and Gas Trade

“Collating information is more than half the job.” – Oil industry professional

Information is Control 

Oil and Gas is a highly volatile industry, so market information is essential. Anything from war to elections can be a source of risk! As a treasurer, you’re expected to help mitigate this risk—whether by foreign exchange swaps, issuance of guarantees, or trades—to keep trade flow going. You need the flexibility to issue contingent liabilities using letters of credit to fund large purchases.

CS Lucas provides you with tools to gain control over the group’s activities.

Our clients in the Oil and Gas industry have found the following modules to be useful:



Standby Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees Trade Finance

Interest and foreign exchange risk management on borrowings

Working capital and medium-term financing

Working capital management

Cash and liquidity management

Settling trade flows and foreign exchange risk management

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