Key Features

State-of-the-Art Secure and Reliable

CS Lucas is designed to centralise and facilitate collaborative work. Our solution increases the productivity of corporate treasuries while improving accuracy and reliability of information.

Straight-through Processing

Trade entries, verification, authorisation, confirmation, and settlements can be seamlessly processed without the need for time-consuming data re-entry. Information is organised around a “single version of truth” so that decisions are consistent and made with confidence.


Accounting System Integration

CS Lucas handles the complexity of journaling for treasury and investment instruments. For each instrument, users choose among alternative IFRS-compliance accounting treatments. Journals include month-end revaluation, accruals, and amortisation.

Journals are generated and seamlessly posted to accounting systems. The CS Lucas solution has an inbuilt general ledger and a host of reports to reconcile these postings.

Bank Balance and Payment

These days, we retrieve bank account information and route settlements through SWIFT, e-banking, and other service providers.

With “open banking”, this landscape is rapidly changing. Banks compete head-on with payment/account service providers to serve corporate customers in this lucrative space.

CS Lucas’ aim is to enable you to seamlessly choose the channel that gives the best value. And, of course, it should be secure, avaliable and on time.


Real-time Connectivity

To streamline processing, CS Lucas provides seamless connectivity for executed trades to be retrieved from a dealing portal (e.g. ICD, 360T, Bloomberg). The system consolidates these with directly entered data, ensuring all transactions are processed in compliance with procedures.

Market data streams and price data feeds can be integrated into the CS Lucas system, and this enables you to have a holistic view of operations, in real time.

Online Collaboration

Let CS Lucas be your secure channel to manage requests for dealings and payments. Our configurable workflow allows for any number of validations and verifications at different stages of a request.

With CS Lucas, you’ll have a platform to upload supporting documents or add comments that will be tagged against transaction and static records.

For greater security and privacy, you can create team rooms to discuss specific matters.


Dashboard & Reports

The CS Lucas solution comes with an inbuilt interactive drag-and-drop designer for users to create a personal dashboard. You can select from over 200+ standard pre-built reports. Data can be exported to Excel and Word formats for any additional analyses outside the system.

Multi-currency Support

To meet the needs of global trading, the CS Lucas solution provides multi-currency support and multiple-entity ledger entries.  Accounting entries compute exchanges gains and losses and map journals to capital or revenue account as appropriate. 



CS Lucas’ approach to security focuses on governance, risk management and compliance. This includes data encryption, network security and server hardening, system monitoring, logging and alerting. Our in-built security features are stringently tested and continually enhanced in response to ever-evolving threats in cyber security.

Our processes are audited and comply with the ISO 27001 Standard for Information Security.

CS Lucas is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) from multiple global locations. We rely on AWS to protect the infrastructure that runs CS Lucas. This infrastructure comprises hardware, software, networking, and facilities that run AWS Cloud services. AWS operations observe the most stringent best practices while complying with numerous assurance programs, including SOC1, 2, 3; ISO 27001, 27017, 27018.


The CS Lucas solution captures log entries of transactions that occur within the system. Along with access controls that segregate duties and manage workflows, this creates an audit trail that can be used to satisfy stringent audit requirements and support forensic investigation when needed.



The CS Lucas solution is built around up-to-date technology stack from IBM. The solution architecture is constantly upgraded to leverage the latest most powerful and secure technology. This way, users—assured of stability, performance and resilience—enjoy peace of mind.

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