Steering the Way Forward for
the Transportation Sector

Financing a large fleet of vehicles involves negotiating different loan terms, repayment schedules and interest rates. Debt repayments need to match business cash flows and the payback period aligned with the asset’s useful life.

Balancing Risk in Asset-based Financing

With refinancing options, multiple fleet purchases, and external factors such as volatility in oil markets, group treasuries in the transportation sector have their hands full managing the group’s risk exposure.

CS Lucas helps you consolidate the group’s risk exposure associated with large-scale asset-based financing. You can get in-depth what-if analyses and a consolidated picture of outstanding loans. The system tracks your outstanding guarantees, contingent liabilities and other open facilities across the different companies of a group.

Our transportation clients have found the following modules to be useful:



Cash and liquidity management

Working capital management

Long term debt for capital projects

Working capital and medium-term financing

Short term company funding

Settling trade flows and foreign exchange risk management
Settling trade flows and foreign exchange risk management

Guarantees, Performance Bonds Use for project risk management

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