Financial Instruments

360° Cash Visibility
100% Risk Control
24/7 Seamless Connectivity

The core of CS Lucas is transaction processing and management. We’ve designed it to securely and reliably process a myriad volume of financial instruments to handle cash flow, debts, and investment.

You’ll be covered when hedging interest rates and foreign exchange risk.

  • Contract for exchanging currency amount.
  • Outright (Spot and forward) and Swaps 
  • Partial pre-settlement and roll-forwards 
  • NDF Settlement Fixing.
  • Contract for term deposit and short-term revolving credit.
  • Single and multiple combination rollovers 
  • Early termination.
  • Advances with on demand repayments.
  • Suitable for intercompany cash sweeping.
  • Definable daily rate and margin. 
  • Interest capitalization.
  • Medium term loan or placements with periodic repayment of interest and capital.
  • Annuity loans. 
  • Fix, Float, Floor and Cap rates. 
  • Multiple draw downs.
  • Medium term loan or placements with periodic repayment of interest and capital. 
  • Fix, Float, Floor and Cap rates. 
  • Bullet repayment.
  • Off-balance finance (issue and accept).
  • Corporate Guarantee.
  • Bank guarantee.
  • Standby letter of credit.
  • Performance Bond.
  • Intercompany execution request.
  • Flexible time buckets.
  • User definable forecast line. 
  • Rolling forecasting.
  • Forecasting scenario.
  • Investment in security.
  • Equity, Unit Trust, Funds. 
  • Bonds–Zero, Fixed, Float. 
  • Money Market Funds. 
  • Structured Instruments.
  • Single and cross currency.
  • Amortization Principal.
  • Notional or with principal exchange.
  • Vanilla currency option. 
  • Knock in and out option.
  • User definable commodity.
  • Track physical requirements and surpluses.
  • Track hedge with commodity swap.
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