Partner with CS Lucas

Grow your consultancy with treasury management system (TMS) implementation services. Trusted for over two decades, the CS Lucas solution has revolutionised corporate treasury operations across the world.

The CS Lucas Partner Program enables consultancies to grow their business by providing implementation services to both their clients and CS Lucas’ clients.

Providing agility, visibility and control where it matters. Bringing value by working together!


“Through the CS Lucas partnership, we complement our independent treasury advisory financial advice and capital financing with an industry-leading TMS to significantly add value to our clients in local governments.”

Mark Pickering, Director, Arlingclose Limited


Identifying Partnerships

The Partner Program is targeted at consultancies that provide bespoke advisory services or comprehensive implementation/integration services.

The CS Lucas Partner Program provides the opportunity to grow consultancies by complementing their services with a tailored offering of the CS Lucas solution—one that dovetails elegantly with their existing services.

We look for partners who share our ethos of service delivery and value proposition to final clients. The Partner Program is designed with four tiers to cater for a range of engagement levels and benefits between the partner and CS Lucas.


Supporting Partnerships

Our aim is that as partners work with the CS Lucas solution, they’re efficient and productive, empowered to minimise project risk and maximise client benefits. Client success depends as much on the quality of consultancy services as on the completeness of the CS Lucas solution functionality. Partners can expect:

  • exclusive partner training for the CS Lucas solution 
  • tools and guidance to deliver efficient and successful implementation 
  • the ability to influence near-term enhancements and the long-term roadmap of the CS Lucas solution

Ultimately, our long-term success will depend on the success of all our engagements.


Rewarding Partnerships

The CS Lucas Partner Program will help you engage more closely with your clients by offering new revenue-generating services. And you’ll enjoy not only revenue for implementation services, but also a share of our license revenue.

Beyond servicing existing customers, we want to work with you to reach new customers for the CS Lucas solution. To this end, CS Lucas will co-invest with partners on go-to-market initiatives. We’ll be happy to share with partners the leads and opportunities we receive through the CS Lucas marketing machinery.

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