360° Cash Visibility

Reliable and Predictable

CS Lucas’ 360° cash visibility facilitates fundamental daily funding and helps you work out capital requirements for the coming months and years.

CS Lucas “rolls up” cash forecasts across the enterprise—whether those forecasts are maintained manually by users or retrieved electronically from ERP or planning systems. Line items and structures are fully configurable to fit the needs of any organisation. Different forecast datasets can be maintained for alternative scenarios and purposes to facilitate “what-if” analyses. Forecast snapshots taken at different times can be compared to investigate causes of drift to improve accuracy.


Forecast datasets are overlaid to electronically updated cash positions and upcoming treasury settlements to project cash positions into any time bucket and horizon. Changes to forecasts and impact on funding investment trade arising anywhere in the enterprise are reflected immediately. 

Never again will you miss an opportunity to invest surplus cash or incur punitive interest on unplanned borrowings.


Intuitive Forecasting​

No two companies do cash forecasts in exactly the same way. So CS Lucas provides you with the option to configure line times, time buckets, horizons and forecasting cycle length. The combination is limitless to make the process intuitive.

Besides the base case, you may have other cash plans. Alternatively, you can have incremental changes to plan on the occurrence of one or more specific events.

You have a choice on granularity. You can manage the aggregation of data with drill down, or specific breakdown.

Depending on the situation, you may upload forecasts from spreadsheets or via an electronic interface with a legacy system. You can make changes on the fly to re-estimate. A snapshot is maintained for comparison.

Real Time Bank Balance

Forecasts with no known cash position is a no-starter. For this reason, we strongly advocate for the retrieval of balances via electronic interface with an e-statement. Once this arrives in the system at a set time in the morning, you can start the day’s cash planning.

Through our payment gateway portal, you’ll have almost real-time cash position information for funding and payment purposes.


View and Compare

The system lets you assemble cash plan-to-project future cash positions to decide on funding or investment. You can choose to make an overlay to apply “what-if” scenarios to the plan; view a situation by country, business units, currency, or banking group; or aggregate projections into alternative time buckets. The options can be as many as your planning objective demands.

All cash plans that your team submits are archived to the system. These can be readily recalled to investigate “drifts” over time and, eventually, to determine the root causes of inaccuracy. More importantly, this provides a learning opportunity for the cash management team to improve.

CS Lucas provides comparisons between forecasts and between different rolling cycles and versions.

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