24/7 Seamless Connectivity

A Single Version of Truth

CS Lucas’ primary purpose is to render an intuitive view for decision-making on cash, funding and investment. The system constructs critical and sensitive payment instructions and accounting journals for other systems.
This is why CS Lucas is designed to be “open” to receive and send data.


Security is of paramount importance, so we encrypt data in transit and at rest. We also secure all channels of communication.

Bank Accounts and Payment

Daily and intra-day reporting of bank balances is the foundation for good cash management. We retrieve these from electronic bank statements via host-to-host connectivity, over the SWIFT network, or from Account Service Providers.

Your outbound payment file is encrypted and transmitted through these secure channels.

CS Lucas maintains the suite of industry standards and proprietary formats for e-statements and payment types.


Data Exchange and Import

Volume data from CS Lucas can be transferred to a spreadsheet for sharing or for ad hoc analysis. This can be done by “dumping” a screen or printing report onto spreadsheets, or by natively connecting a spreadsheet to the CS Lucas database—all without help from IT support.

Instead of time-consuming data entry, you can simply attach a spreadsheet and get it imported in a controlled manner.

We can schedule data dumps from CS Lucas to BI tools. This data can be merged with other datasets, or used for publication to a client’s portal for reporting.

Real-time and Timely Reporting

360T, Bloomberg and ICD portals allow you to match and complete trade execution. With direct integration to these platforms, CS Lucas retrieves such trades, so you’ll have complete and error-free data for decisions on cash and position.

Price feeds ensure you’ll get an accurate view of your open risk positions and reports.

To ensure you have timely and accurate financial and regulatory reports, CS Lucas generates complex treasury and revaluation journals, pushed through to the ERP system on a daily basis.


Finger on the Pulse​

How can you stay informed even while on the move? With push notifications, you can receive updates and scheduled reports via email and mobile device.

You can receive customised alerts and perform verifications and authorisations.


Verification of trade done between parties are fundamental to preventing data-entry errors.

With our integration to trade matching services, this is automated to prevent oversight.

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