Investments. Cash management. Foreign exchange swaps. Debt repayment. Contingent Liabilities. Inter-company loans. Derivatives.

Tackling Different Financial Instruments and Asset Classes

Keeping step with the pulse of business, the corporate treasury must handle a mind-boggling range of transactions spanning a multitude of assets and liabilities. Cash management takes place on a daily basis and efficiency and accuracy is key.

Fund managers and trustees also face similar complexities. There is a need to track the performance of different asset classes, monitor compliance with investment criteria, and manage the overall performance of their clients’ funds.

CS Lucas Provides a 360° View of Your Financial Operations

When it comes down to it, all those complexities must eventually be translated into decisions that maximise returns, minimise risk and power the financial muscle of companies to reach their business goals.

CS Lucas has been helping companies achieve their objectives since 1996. Counting many of Asia’s top 100 companies as customers, CS Lucas’ pragmatic, 360° approach to treasury and investment management ensures that the right things are done right.

The Choice is Yours

The CS Lucas solution is available in a variety of deployment models that cater to the needs of different companies:

Whatever the deployment model, with CS Lucas, get straight answers to complex questions.