CS Lucas has been providing Chief Financial Officers, Group Treasurers and Fund Managers with the tools to make the right decisions and run their operations efficiently for more than 15 years.

With CS Lucas’ combination of financial markets domain knowledge and IT specialist skills, the needs of the most demanding customers can be met.

Both corporations and professional fund managers are able to gain a 360° view over their treasury and investment activities. Delivered at exceptional value, CS Lucas equips corporate clients with better risk management and compliance capabilities, ultimately allowing them to save costs and reputations by making the right decisions.

Enabling Corporate Treasuries

Corporate treasuries benefit from the power of CS Lucas to automate treasury operations, eliminate cumbersome spreadsheet-based tracking and replace error-prone manual processes. Payback is experienced in terms of more robust and trusted cash and liability management, forecasting and utilisation of funds.

Empowering Better Investment Management

Fund managers, trustees and public sector organisations also appreciate the capabilities of the CS Lucas solution as an investment management tool. By taking care of compliance with investment criteria, monitoring of placements and report generation, with CS Lucas, professional fund managers can focus on building trust and better managing their clients’ capital.

Industry sectors and companies that have benefited from CS Lucas’ experience include:

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