Designed to centralise and facilitate collaborative work, the CS Lucas solution increases the productivity of corporate treasuries while improving accuracy and reliability of information.

Straight-through processing

Automation allows transactions to take place faster through integration of the front-, middle- and back-office of the CS Lucas solution. Trade entries, verification, authorisation, confirmation and settlements can be seamlessly processed without the need for time-consuming re-entry of data.

Accounting system integration

Journals for treasury and investment transactions, including end-of-period closing activities, are automatically posted by the CS Lucas solution. Multiple IFRS-compliant accounting treatments are also available to meet different regulatory and reporting requirements, and the CS Lucas solution integrates with all major accounting systems such as SAP, Oracles, Sun Infor and ACCPAC.

Real-time connectivity

Data streams from third party applications such as market and price data feeds can be integrated into the CS Lucas system. Real-time data allows users to gain an up-to-date and accurate view of their operations.

E-banking platform integration

Settlement instructions, with treasury and investment transaction details, can be automatically and securely uploaded directly from the CS Lucas solution into e-banking platforms. This level of integration allows the flow of settlement and trade information to be automated, providing increased security and eliminating errors resulting from re-keying of data. Examples of major e-banking platforms CS Lucas has already integrated with include CITIDIRECT, HSBC and DB Internet.

Online collaboration

Users are able to make use of the CS Lucas solution as a common platform to access and share centralised data. Built-in document and notes-sharing capabilities allow users to fully collaborate on documents, whether around the globe or in the next cubicle. Authorisation letters are generated by the system, improving efficiency and eliminating costly transcription errors. Email confirmation and alerts ensure users are kept updated and in-the-know.

Report writing

More than 200 standardised reports, statements and performance results can be generated by the system. The system also has the capability for custom reports to be generated dynamically. Data can easily and accurately extracted to Excel and Word formats as well.

Multi-currency support

Meeting the needs of the global enterprise, the CS Lucas solution provides multi-currency support and multiple entity ledger entries.

Auditable trail

Unlike a spreadsheet, the CS Lucas solution captures log entries of transactions taking place within the system. Along with access controls that segregate duties and manage workflows, this creates an audit trail that can be used to satisfy stringent audit requirements.

Institutional grade security

Meeting the security requirements of world-class financial institutions, CS Lucas utilises SSL VPN and user identification to provide secure access to data. Hosted solutions are professionally managed within world-class data centres that meet the SSAE 16 and ISO27001 standards.


Developed in Java and based on an n-tier architecture that allows unlimited scalability, the system runs on either Microsoft Windows or Linux with clustering capability where necessary. The system is also certified for IBM p-Servers at 99.9999% uptime.

Zero touch deployment

The CS Lucas solution can be access by authorised users from their web browser, eliminating the need for a desktop support team to support software installation and allowing the system to be rapidly deployed.