Money Market Confirmation (W5)

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This document sets out a detailed procedure for how to confirm money market transactions.


Confirmation involves sending out a confirmation letter to an external trade counterparty to confirm the financial instruments booked. This is important because the transaction will not be completed without confirmation.


1. From the Money Market screen, select the transaction to confirm by checking the tick box next to it.


2. Note that transaction needs to be verified and authorized before confirmation can be done. Check the icons in the Flag column to determine which process was done. This letter V, A and C means the transaction is Verified, Authorized, but not yet Confirmed.

3. Click Confirm. The Confirmation screen will be displayed.


4. Note that the settlement details on this screen will be set to the default SSI if it is set before the transaction is booked. See Accounting Centre SSI Set Up for how to set the default for SSI. If not on default, the SSI can still be changed in the Cash Settlement screen after the transaction is booked. See Amend Cash Settlement for how to amend the settlement instructions.

5. Once settlement details are verified, proceed to confirm.

6. Confirmation can be via Email, Excel, or Print. Remember to set up the counterparty to ensure that the email address and the physical address on the letter are correct. See instructions for Counterparty Address on how to set up the email address and the physical address of the counterparty.

Note that additional access rights are required to print the confirmation letter in Excel. For confirmation via Email, a confirmation letter in PDF format will be attached to the email to be sent to the recipients’ email addresses set up in the Counterparty Address.


7. In this example, Print will be chosen.

8. Click Confirm. The system will display the confirmation letter in PDF format, which can be printed or saved in the computer.


9. Click on the back button from the Internet Browser to return to the Confirmation screen.

10. Click Back Button. Notice the icons in the Flag column have changed to VAC green, which means the transaction is already confirmed.


11. A trade that is confirmed cannot be amended. If you need to amend the trade, you must first unconfirm the trade.

12. To unconfirm a trade, check the box beside the TradeID of the transaction. Click Confirm.

13. From the Confirmation screen, click on Unconfirm. When a popup appears, click OK.


14. Click Back Button to go back to the launch screen, notice that the flag before the TradeID changes to this. The C turned to orange, which means it’s not a confirmed transaction.


FAQ01. I am unable to confirm the transaction.

Please check if the transaction has already been verified and authorized. If not, check Authorizing and Verifying Trades for instructions.

FAQ02. How do I print confirmation letter with our company logo?

To print confirmation letter with company logo, check Adding Company Logo for instructions.

FAQ03. Can I confirm multiple money market trades?

To confirm multiple money market trades, you need to have the following access rights. Please request your administrator to grant the necessary permissions.

Right ID    Category               Assigned Permission

11648        Money Market     Multiple Confirm Money Market Trades.

Please note that with the multiple confirm trades feature, the system will only verify if you have the access rights. If granted, the system will mark the trades as confirmed. There are no additional checks or process logic implemented for confirming multiple trades.


Authorizing and Verifying Trades

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