4_14_06_472 – 21 Jun 18
Issue fixed for cosmetic changes on Hedging page navigation and access rights.

Issue fixed in FX Platform – View Details screen for showing the selected forecast details only when clicking the Tag Trade hyperlink to select the FX trades to hedge.

4_14_06_471 – 20 Jun 18
Fixed MT940 load error where opening balance of a statement does not match to previous statement’s closing balance. This is caused by rounding issue when actual cash balance is retrieved from the system. This is now fixed to round to 2 decimal places.

Enhancement to add settlement narrative in the payment file send out to e-banking platform.

4_14_06_470 – 14 Jun 18
Fixed issue for importing interest rates for the same Ctpy, Ctpygroup, Ccy, Vdate and Type that are already existed in the system, system creates new records instead of updating to the existing records.

Fixed the following issues on report 1409 and 1410:
       –       Rate showing in decimal instead of percent.
       –       Members deleted from counterparty group not excluded from the reports.

4_14_06_469 – 13 Jun 18
Issue fixed on duplicate case id for Notes and Document page navigation of accounting journals module.

Issue fixed on page error when importing list of forecast.

4_14_06_468 – 11 Jun 18
Issue fixed on MT940 load where statement sequence validation was not being done correctly.

4_14_06_467 – 8 Jun 18
Fixed rounding issue when computing activity amount which causes MT940 load error.

4_14_06_466 – 5 Jun 18
Added web service framework.

Enhancement to display amount on Basic Column chart.

4_14_06_465 – 4 Jun 18
Enhancement to show notes that tagged as favourite from transaction in Trade Control screen as additional comments.

4_14_06_464 – 1 Jun 18
Enhancement to allow selecting exchange rate type for printing report 1426 Cash Balance report.

Enhancement on Hedging Policy screen to allow adding user attribute fields and to add preference to set Basis Adjustment Profile.

4_14_06_463 – 1 Jun 18
Added search engine framework.

4_14_06_462 – 22 May 18
Issue fixed for IRS month end journals for inter-company side.

Issue fixed for 1627 Facility Master excel format where Ccy column data was not being displayed.

Enhancement to add new preference setting “Integration ID” for Accounting Centre, Counterparty and Facility for integration to 360T.

Issue fixed for MT940 load error encountered when there are more than one message in the same file for the same bank account.

4_14_06_461 – 22 May 18
Issues fixed for automatically approving Term Loan periodic items for inter-company when the trade is approved from principal accounting centre.

Issue fixed for 8032 Price Variance Report for showing multiple groupings of the same ticker currency instead of one.

4_14_06_460 – 17 May 18
Enhancement on MMF Interest to move cash flow VDate to good business day when receive on a holiday.
See user guide:

4_14_06_459 – 17 May 18
Enhancement to show principal in reporting currency in report 2021 Deposit by Bank.

Issue fixed on 2023 Monthly Portfolio Maturity Analysis Excel Raw to show blank for MDate for Cash and MMF asset class.

4_14_06_458 – 11 May 18
Enhancement to allow saving and displaying 4 favourite dashboards on CS Lucas home page.
See user guide:

4_14_06_457 – 11 May 18
Enhancement on the following reports to show weighted average maturity
       –       2021 Deposit by Bank
       –       2023 Monthly Portfolio Maturity Analysis
       –       8031 Bond Interest Income and Amortisation
       –       Outstanding Money Market User Report

4_14_06_456 – 10 May 18
Enhancement on Hedge Accounting to comply with IFRS 9.

4_14_06_455 – 8 May 18
Issue fixed on 8032 Price Variance Report to remove grand total.

4_14_06_454 – 19 Apr 18
Issue fixed on page error during compliance check when booking Investment trade.

Enhancement to allow to assign a SSI to multiple SSI groups at once.
See user guide:

Enhancement on Import Chart of Account to include new mapping dimension by Category.

4_14_06_453 – 18 Apr 18
Issue fixed on restricted accounting centre list to exclude accounting centre groups without members assigned.

Issue fixed on 8037 Time Weighted Return report to exclude deleted Fees and Cash transactions.

Enhancement on the report criteria display in 1627 Facility Master report.

Issue fixed on Maintain Interest Rate Swap screen for prompting user about unsaved IRS structure.

4_14_06_452 – 17 Apr 18
Flexmonster pivot/ chart tool upgrade from v2.116 to v2.4.

4_14_06_451 – 11 Apr 18
Enhancement to allow editing addresses of counterparty and accounting centre. See user guide:
Maintain Counterparty Address
Maintain Accounting Centre Address

Bug fix on forward point computation for Foreign Exchange rollover trade.





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