Trade Request For Money Market Rollover

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This document describes the procedure on how to create, amend, approve and process trade request for Money Market rollover.


This allows subsidiaries or child entities to make request to rollover Money Market transaction. This process eliminates the need to use email or phone call to communicate the request.


1. To request Money Market rollover, navigate to Transaction > Money Market.

2. Filter out the transaction by selecting the Acct Cntr and MDate from date. Click Refresh.

3. Tick on the checkbox of the transaction ID to rollover and click Rollover.


4. The Rollover Money Market screen displays.


5. Enter the rollover details as required. Fields with asterisk (*) are mandatory. See Money Market Rollover.


6. Click on the Request button.

Tip: If you do not see the Request button in this screen, this means you do not have the access rights to create trade request. Please check with your administrator to assign you the access rights. Access rights required is 15903 Create Request (Category: Trade Request).

Upon clicking Request, system will check if there is already a trade request exists. If there is, you will see a message prompt that the rollover trade request exists and request cannot be put through. Please delete the existing trade rollover request before you can put a new request.

7. Once done, you will be returned to the Money Market screen.

8. To see the rollover trade request created, navigate to Transaction > Trade Request. Filter for the Acct Cntr and click Refresh. You will see the rollover request and the money market trade ID from which it is rolled from in the Request Details column.


9. Click on the Edit button of the request to drill down to MM Rollover – View Details screen to check on the details of the original trade and new rollover request.


10. In this screen, the interest rate of the rollover request can be changed. Amend the interest rate and click on the Recompute button next to it will recompute the interest amount. Click Update to save changes.

11. To approve the rollover trade request, tick on the checkbox of the rollover request and click Action and Approve.


12. Once approved, you can process the trade request. Click on the Process link under Contract Details.


13. System will redirect you to Rollover Money Market booking screen.


14. Click Book to book the Money Market Rollover trade.

15. A popup appears to confirm. Click Yes.


16. Once booked, the new rollover money market transaction will be created and you will see the trade ID under Contract Details in the Trade Request screen.


17. Navigate to Transaction > Money Market, you will see the new money market rollover transaction.


Note: There will be no linkage between the trade request and the underlying transactions once the trade request is processed. Changes done will not be reflected in the trade request.

If there is a mistake made to the rollover trade request booked, user needs to delete the rollover transactions from the Money Market screen by clicking on the rollover flag. See Money Market Rollover for more details on how to amend/ delete a rollover transaction. All transactions that are part of the rollover must be deleted, partial deletion is not allowed. Once deleted, the rollover trade request will be set back to open and user is able to process the trade request again.




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