Security Recommendations for CS Lucas (W5)

This version is superseded. Click here to view the latest guide.


This document provides recommendations on how to secure the CS Lucas system.


Securing the system ensures that only those authorized to access it can enter transactions and see the pertinent treasury information about your company. This document informs you of the steps to activate security features the CS Lucas system has.


Strengthen Password Policies

Require users to use difficult password combinations, set up expiration for passwords and enforce password history. See Set Up Password Profile user guides for procedures on how to do this in the system.

Implementing IP Restrictions

Setting up IP restrictions limits access from IP addresses outside specified networks. This prevent users to login when not in the office to ensure all data are secured. These trusted IP network ranges can be set up in the system, see Set Up Trusted IP Range user guide for procedures.

Email Identity Confirmation

The CS Lucas system is designed with security in mind. When a user logs in from a new IP address or new device, an email containing a code will be sent to the registered email address. In order to confirm identity, the user must enter the code found in the email. This feature can be activated in the system, to learn more, see Activate a Device for Identity Verification.

Changing Passwords Regularly

Changing password to a strong one is essential for maintaining security in the system. Unauthorized access may also be prevented by regularly changing the password, see Change Password user guide for instructions.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is best practice to ensure that the person who owns the account is the only one to have access to it. When this is enabled, system will prompt for a security code to be entered during the login process as another layer of authentication to verify a user’s identity. To set this up, see Multi Factor Authentication user guide.



Set Up Password Profile

Set Up Trusted IP Range

Activate a Device for Identity Verification

Change Password

Multi Factor Authentication





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