In todays times, investment & debt management requires flexibility and quick responses by treasurers for directors to make swift, real-time decisions.

In this webinar, Chee Seong Tan, Founder & CEO of CS Lucas (an established treasury management system) talks about some of the most common questions he’s received from clients and is here to answer your queries and concerns regarding investment & debt management:

  • Make your short term cash count (forecasting, managing & segmenting cash flows)
  • Linking cash management to investment execution
  • Protecting & monitoring the investments (utilizing reports)
  • Monitoring investment exposure

Whether you are handling the treasury management or relying on the reports from your team, this webinar provides useful insights. If you missed the webinar, Chee Seong Tan is still taking questions so do feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have.


Chee Seong is the Founder aqnd CEO of CS Lucas, a leading provider of web-based treasury and investment management solutions. For over 25 years, he led the design of a treasury system for buy-side financial market clients, including fund management and corporate treasury sectors. Current users of the system span across Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

The CS Lucas Solutions is easily deployed so clients can avoid relying on stale data from error-prone spreadsheets when making important treasury and cash decisions. The system delivers:

  • Real time team collaboration for cash forecast, payments, borrowing and investments
  • Total control over financial and operational risk
  • Seamless integration to banking and accounting systems


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