Viewing Cash Activities


This document sets out the detailed steps for how to view the Cash Activities screen.


The cash activities screen allows the user to view overall cash projection for transactions that are booked in the system and overlaying the forecast data maintained in the system for one entity or across group of entities.


1. From the welcome screen, select Cash Management > Cash Activities.


2. The Cash Activities screen is displayed. Fill all fields with an asterisk, as they are mandatory.

3. Select the Accounting Centre for which you wish to view the cash projection.

4. Set from date for when you wish to start viewing the cash projection.

5. Select the time bucket. Since this is user-definable, only those set up in the system will be shown in the dropdown. To know how to set this up, click here .

6. Choose the UOM. It can be in Thousands, Millions, or full value. Default is full value.

7. Select the reporting currency in the Total In field.

8. Select the SSI. The user can choose a specific SSI or group of SSIs. Group of SSIs have a “+” sign in front of the short name. To view an SSI, this must be set up. For more information on how to set this up, click here.

9. The system also allows excluding or including treasury activities from the cash flow projection by filtering based on portfolio. This may be chosen, but is not mandatory.

10. After all mandatory fields are filled in, click Refresh and the screen below displays. In this example, it shows a 12-month cash projection by SSI from 15-Jun-2015.


11. If you click on the balance hyperlinks, a breakdown analysis for individual treasury activities will be displayed. The system shows the brought forward amount, the activities from the treasury transactions, and the total ending balance. In this example, the balance dated 30-Jun-2015 was chosen to show the screen below.


12. After viewing, click Back Button to go back to the Cash Activities screen.

13. On this screen, you can also overlay the forecast into the cash activities projection. Select individual forecast or group of forecasts to overlay by selecting the Forecast field. In this example, we select to overlay all forecasts. A forecast group is characterized by a ‘+’ sign before the short name. To set up a forecast, click here. To set up a forecast group, click here.


14. Once you have selected the forecast, click Refresh to overlay with forecast.

15. The view can also be switched by selecting Activity in the View field dropdown. Click Refresh to see the activities that took place in your cash projection.


16. If you wish to view the cash activities projection by currency instead of SSI, tick on the Group Ccy checkbox, and click Refresh.


17. To export the cash activities projection to Excel, click on the Export button.


FAQ01. How do I set up time bucket?

To set up time bucket, click here.

FAQ02. How do I set up SSI or SSI Group?

To set up SSI, click here. To set up SSI group, click here.

FAQ03. How do I set up forecast items or forecast group?

To set up forecast items click here. To set up a forecast group, click here.







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