User Acceptance Test

FAQ01. What is the purpose of the UAT?

User acceptance test is to check that the functionality of the system is as set out in the documentation and specification and sufficient for moving to Production.

FAQ02. What happens at the end of the UAT?

If the system is adequate for production, the UAT is signed off using a form as set out in Appendix I. If there are any deficiency that has to be fixed before moving to production, these need to be document and resolved.

FAQ03. Can the UAT be signed off if there are still outstanding issues?

If the users determine that any outstanding matters that are not significant to go to production, then these matters may be identified in the UAT sign off with CS Lucas clarification comments or resolution plan agreed by CS Lucas.

FAQ04. Can the users start using the production system before sign off of the UAT?

No. CS Lucas does not support production system if UAT is not signed off.

FAQ05. What happens when a bug or incorrect documentation is discovered after UAT sign off?

UAT sign off does not mean the system has no bug. CS Lucas end user license agreement explicitly exclude this warranty. However, any bugs or error in the documentation will be fixed as part of the maintenance of the system.

Appendix I





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