Computation Method For Changing Interval In Time Bucket (W5)

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This document describes the computation method for changing interval in time bucket in CS Lucas system.


1) The time bucket interval as follows:

DAY                      Single day.
WEEK                  Monday to Sunday.
MONTH              1st to Month end (28th, 29th,30th or 31).
YEAR                   1st to 31st Dec.

2) As the time horizon in the time bucket series pans out into the future, the interval may be change from a smaller interval to a larger interval but not the other way around. Eg., you may change from DAY interval to WEEK interval but not from WEEK interval to DAY interval.

3) Since the interval between consecutive rows change, the system will, if necessary, shorten the subsequent (and larger) interval to accommodate this change. This may result in a period that is shorter than the stated interval for that period.

Example illustrated below for

a. Row 4     (change from DAY to WEEK interval)
b. Row 7     (change from WEEK to MONTH interval)
c. Row 10    (Change from MONTH to YEAR interval)




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