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This document shows the detailed procedure of importing foreign exchange transactions.


The import function helps saving a user’s time by entering multiple FX trades into the system at one time.


1. From the Foreign Exchange launch screen, click Action and select New Outright. The New Foreign Exchange Outright is displayed.


2. Click Import. Import FX Trades screen will be shown.


3. Click Template to download CS Lucas template for importing Foreign Exchange transactions. The computer’s folders, where the file will be saved, will display.

4. Click Save. The file will be saved in the folder specified.

5. Open the file. The Excel sheet will look like this:


6. Fill in the columns. Make sure all mandatory columns are filled, these are characterized with an (*). For explanation of the fields, see user guide for Creating FX Outright.


7. Save the Excel template when finished.

8. Go back to the Import FX Trades screen, click the tick box before Read File.


9. Click Choose File button. Look for the Excel file saved.

10. Click Read File. The values input into the Excel file will appear in the screen below.


11. If there is an error, the user will be prompted with the rows to be corrected. To correct it, open the Excel file to edit and upload again.

12. Click Load if there is no error. A popup appears, click Yes.


13. A message that says it has been successfully loaded will be displayed.


14. Click Cancel button to return to Foreign Exchange screen. Filter for the appropriate Accounting Centre and VDate From field and click Refresh.

15. The imported trades will show in the Foreign Exchange launch screen.



FAQ01. I get an error that says that the Facility is invalid.

Invalid facility error means that what was entered in the FacilitySN column does not match any of the short names in the system or the facility is not for FX transaction. To check, go to Set Up > Facility to check the short name and ensure Foreign Exchange Outright product is assigned to the facility. If not, a new facility may be set up; see How to Set Up Facility and Limits for instructions.

FAQ02: What do I enter for forward points if the FX contract is a spot transaction?

If the forward points is not required for the transaction, please enter it as 0.

FAQ03: What is Ex Rate?

Ex Rate is the contracted FX rate comprised of spot rate and any forward points.

FAQ04: I got an error saying “There is an error validating the loaded data. Please check the format of the data and/or the structure of spreadsheet.

This error message is normally because the system cannot read the file for the following reasons:

1) Using an outdated load sheet.

2) Additional/ missing column(s) in the load sheet.

3) Missing column header or column name changed.

4) There are formulas in the cells.

5) Reading the wrong template. For example, read MM load sheet in the FX import screen.

Because the file cannot be read due to the format of data and structure of the loaded sheet, system is not able to show which row has the error.


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