4_14_06_578 – 22 Jun 2020

Enhancement to populate user saved report into Report Library page.

4_14_06_577 – 11 Jun 2020

Bug fix on reading MT940 statement. Files were not loading if there were multiple statements and sequences in the same file for the same account number.

4_14_06_576 – 10 Jun 2020

Enhancement on W5 UI for Chart of Account screens.

4_14_06_575 – 10 Jun 2020

Enhancement to separate list of ad hoc views with the ad hoc designer using panel divider with resize.

4_14_06_574 – 4 Jun 2020

Enhancement to filter dataset before displaying data to ad hoc view on a multi-tenanted environment.

4_14_06_573 – 1 Jun 2020

Enhancement on CS Lucas backend enterprise load for the following:

i. Preferences set for 16 reports

ii. Added 5 new import sheets (Risk_Profile_Tagging, Signatory, SignatoryMaintenance, Investor, Cashbook)

iii. Added 2 corporate structure groups in GROUPMASTER (Group Type: 10501009)

iv. Added CORP_STRUCTURE with fields and data required for loading.

4_14_06_572 – 29 May 2020

Enhancement to add new columns (Opening and Difference) for 3016 report and add new column (Opening) for 3017 report. Added new standard 3019 report (Trial Balance).

4_14_06_571 – 28 May 2020

Enhancement on report 3005 Accounts Mapping By Internal Chart of Account and Chart of Account screen to include Description field.

User Guide:

Enhancement on Money Market Import to add 3 new fields: Our SSI, Their SSI and Attribute.

User Guide:

4_14_06_570 – 27 May 2020

Bug fix on creation of accounting centre and counterparty to prevent duplicate accounting centre and counterparty short name being created.

4_14_06_569 – 26 May 2020

Bug fix to allow setting different location path for retrieving the daily mil rates from ICD for different enterprises.

4_14_06_568 – 18 May 2020

Bug fix on report 8001 and 8002 to exclude deleted investment portfolio.

4_14_06_567 – 15 May 2020

Enhancement to allow updating settlement instructions (SSI) for multiple transactions in Cash Settlement screen.

Refer user guide: – See step no. 12 to 16.

4_14_06_566 – 14 May 2020

Enhancement to read in trades done on Bloomberg portal for Foreign Exchange and Money Market in CS Lucas.

Enhancement to divide rates for JPY, INR and TWR by 100 and IDR by 10000 when read in Foreign Exchange trades from Bloomberg portal.

4_14_06_565 – 13 May 2020

Enhancement to add yield and available size field in Investment booking screen.

4_14_06_564 – 8 May 2020

Enhancement to add portfolio filter field option in report 3002 Account Transaction History – By Account Code and 2 columns (portfolio and counterparty) in the report.

4_14_06_563 – 4 May 2020

Enhancement on Import PRF screen’s Template button, that upon clicking, to open a new tab to a user guide that detailed the instructions for importing various format.

4_14_06_562 – 29 Apr 2020

Enhancement on new accounting treatment to account for loan/ deposit revaluation for Money Market when there are two rates on month end date. Alternate rate is used for month end revaluation of capital if this is provided.

User guide:

4_14_06_561 – 27 Apr 2020

Enhancement to set default value for Day Convention and Settle Convention field to Next Business Day.

4_14_06_560 – 16 Apr 2020

Enhancement on W5 UI for Cash Settlement screens.

4_14_06_559 – 15 Apr 2020

Bug fix for loan annuity amount showing 0.

4_14_06_558 – 14 Apr 2020

Enhancement on W5 UI for Compliance screens.

Enhancement on W5 UI for Securities screens.

4_14_06_557 – 8 Apr 2020

Enhancement on W5 UI for Actual Cash Balance screens.

Enhancement on W5 UI for Trade Flow Control screens.

4_14_06_556 – 8 Apr 2020

Enhancement to read daily mil rates and investment order verified from ICD and update into CS Lucas.

4_14_06_555 – 2 Apr 2020

Enhancement to enable portfolio field in the Call/Sweep booking screen so that user can change or select portfolio from the default set up in Call/Sweep setup.

4_14_06_554 – 1 Apr 2020

Enhancement to prevent database locking problem that causes deadlock during journal posting.






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