4_14_06_553 – 31 Mar 2020

Bug fix on report scheduler to exclude sending scheduled report to disabled/ deleted users’ email addresses.

Enhancement on W5 UI for Investment screens.

Enhancement on Ad-Hoc report to let user create different types of report: crosstabs, tables and charts.

Enhancement on User Saved report to let user view the report created from Adhoc.

Bug fix on report 8028 Portfolio Movement to remove filter by portfolio group.

Enhancement to update css file to use W5 theme.

4_14_06_552 – 29 Mar 2020

Enhancement to audit log recreation of journals.

Enhancement to fix UI issues for Scheduled Reports, Dashboard and User Reports screens.

Enhancement to allow system to read MT940 files with multiple statements for one account in one file.

4_14_06_551– 27 Mar 2020

Enhancement on CSS file.

4_14_06_550– 25 Mar 2020

Bug fix on report 8028 Portfolio Movement to remove filter by portfolio group.

4_14_06_549 – 23 Mar 2020

Enhancement for backend enterprise load to include new features: Payment Request, Workflow and Payment Type.

4_14_06_548 – 20 Mar 2020

Enhancement to return successful flag upon signing up CS Lucas free trial and added scheduler to create free trial enterprise.

4_14_06_547 – 19 Mar 2020

Enhancement to W5 UI on Money Market, Term Loan, Counterparty and Prices screens.

4_14_06_546 – 7 Mar 2020

Enhancement to W5 UI on Compliance Rule module.

4_14_06_545 – 5 Mar 2020

Bug fix on investment month end accounting journals for average costing method from “0316 – Investment Revaluation” to the following account types depending on security type (Bond/Equity/Securitized) of the investment trades.

– 0333: Investment Bond Cost – Revaluation

– 0334: Investment Equity Cost – Revaluation

– 0335: Investment Structure Security Cost – Revaluation

Enhancement to create interest received journals on Money Market Funds.

User guide:

4_14_06_544 – 4 Mar 2020

Bug fix on Hedge Relationship – By FX Trade Request – APAR Allocation for not being able to retrieve APAR allocation list.

4_14_06_543 – 4 Mar 2020

Bug fix on slowness at reading file on Forecast Import screen.

4_14_06_542 – 28 Feb 2020

Bug fix on page error when updating accrual method to Default in Amend Money Market screen.

4_14_06_541 – 21 Feb 2020

Bug fix to show the correct color coding for Pass/Fail in Excess column under Compliance Check section.

4_14_06_540 – 19 Feb 2020

Bug fix on user login that deactivated user should not be able to login and prompt that user is deactivated.

4_14_06_539 – 6 Feb 2020

Enhancement to add additional filter options in Term Loan listing screen to improve performance when refreshing transactions.

Bug fix on Float/Fixed group classification on report 1624 Loan Position Maturity Profile.

Bug fix on report 2205 Term Loan Movement where two movement column doesn’t add across properly if the opening or closing number is 0 (null).

Enhancement to hide “Remove” hyperlink if a forecast item is saved and not allowed to remove in Forecast Detail screen.

4_14_06_538 – 5 Feb 2020

Bug fix on incorrect total amount computation for Report 3102.

4_14_06_537 – 30 Jan 2020

Bug fix to update forecast export file name from Test_forecast_export.xls to Forecast_Export.xls.

4_14_06_536 – 29 Jan 2020

Bug fix on Term Loan import loadsheet to include missing column fields: Reset Convention and Reset Days.

4_14_06_535 – 23 Jan 2020

Bug fix on issue with submenu disappearing when navigating on W5.

Bug fix on Fees and Cash Transaction missing in Trade Flow Control after it is booked.

4_14_06_534 – 20 Jan 2020

Enhancement to have option to skip journals for investment trades.

4_14_06_533 – 17 Jan 2020

Bug fix on File/Note screen alignment and spacing on W5.

4_14_06_532 – 16 Jan 2020

Bug fix on font display on CS Lucas application (version W5).

4_14_06_531 – 14 Jan 2020

Bug fix on additional text specific to MM-Deposit was not appearing in the letter.

4_14_06_530 – 3 Jan 2020

Bug fix on page error on Money Market module when accounting centre groups are unapproved.

4_14_06_529 – 3 Jan 2020

Enhancement on W5 UI fixes.

4_14_06_528 – 02 Jan 2020

Bug fix on page error when user login with system challenge for identity (No IP Restriction is unticked).






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