4_14_06_484 – 27 Sep 18
Enhancement on report 8037 Time Weighted Return to exclude record when reporting from date and to date are the same.

Enhancement to allow report 1413 Cash Worksheet to be pulled into Excel.

4_14_06_483 – 12 Sep 18
Issue fixed for reading MT940 file using manual import to overwrite the existing MT940 details saved in the system for the same SSI and VDate.

Enhancement on report 8025 Bond Position Analysis Duration Report to include maturity date of the security, valuation based on amortised cost and weighted average maturity information.

Removed weighted average maturity calculation in report 8031 Bond Interest Income and Amortisation.

Enhancement on report 2021 Deposit by Bank to include accrued interest in weighted average maturity calculation.

4_14_06_482 – 5 Sep 18
Issue fixed for unable to book redeem/ repay interest in Call/Sweep when outstanding principal is 0.

Enhancement to display amount label for stacked column chart type.

Enhancement on Alert and Messages in CS Lucas system to allow sending message to a group of users within the system.

Enhancement to allow assigning a user group to multiple users in one screen.

4_14_06_481 – 24 Aug 18
Issue fixed in Cash Projection screen to remove the restriction to display 50 rows limit.

Issue fixed in E-Banking Settlement screen for not prompting error message when mandatory fields are left blank and click Generate button.

Issue fixed to allow longer description (tag 86) for reading MT940 transaction.

4_14_06_480 – 20 Aug 18
Issue fixed in report 8008 Portfolio NAV report for bond accrued interest to use the same formula as journals posting. The same formula is also applied for bond accrual handling on compliance.

Issue fixed on original Money Market maturity journal that is in Ready status not set to Pending when rollover so that the journal is posted to a clearing account.

4_14_06_479 – 14 Aug 18
Enhancement on file attachment to show error message that file attached cannot exceed the allowed limit which is 10MB.

Enhancement to show Rights ID information in report 1018 Access Group and Permission.

Enhancement to show notes from Transaction that tagged as favourite to appear under the additional comments in Trade Control Activity screen.

Enhancement to allow report 3006 Journal Listing by Post Date to be scheduled.

Enhancement to restrict accounting centre selections in the Counterparty field of New and Amend Facility screen.

Enhancement on new report 1205 Cost of Funds Computation to group by Accounting Centre and Trade ID.

Enhancement to re-group the Set Up menu list.

4_14_06_478 – 3 Aug 18
Issue fixed on IRS periodic interest settlement journals for inter-company for not reflecting the correct interest income amount.

Issue fixed for Cash Projection screen for displaying the previous entity’s name of the Accounting Centre SSI after amending the entity of the SSI.

4_14_06_477 – 27 Jul 18
Issue fixed to display the amount label that falls outside the plot area for basic column chart type.

4_14_06_476 – 26 Jul 18
Issue fixed for reading MT940 incorrectly by interpreting debit/credit mark “RC” in MT940 as credit.

4_14_06_475 – 20 Jul 18
Issue fixed for wrong actual cash balance update when there is more than one record for the same SSI and VDate.

Enhancement on the performance for reading MT940 file.

4_14_06_474 – 9 Jul 18
Enhancement on configuration setting to allow skipping MT940 statement number sequence check.

4_14_06_473 – 4 Jul 18
Enhancement to allow display of Pie (Percentage & Amount) and Pie (Amount) chart type in Dashboard home page.





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