4_14_06_322 – 28 Dec 16
Bug fix on security import. After loading security, the MDate reflected in the Maintain Security Information is not consistent with the Coupon table if the VDate is adjusted due to Settle Convention.

Added Bank Recon Beta version module to navigation.

4_14_06_321 – 23 Dec 16
Enhancement to allow to key in the First Coupon Date when creating a bond security.

4_14_06_320 – 22 Dec 16
Enhancement in Trade Flow Control to have File/Note function and allow viewing of supporting documents attached to the trade itself when authorising or verifying trades in the Trade Flow Control screen.

4_14_06_319 – 20 Dec 16
Bug fix on 3104 Term Loan Period Interest Analysis report to include Term loan that starts and matures in between the reporting from and to date to correctly reflect the total interest charged for the reporting period.

4_14_06_318 – 15 Dec 16
Added new accounting treatment for Hedging Derivatives on Interest Rate Swap.

4_14_06_317 – 15 Dec 16
Bug fix on displaying all user groups in the Extension store set up. Removed the 50 rows limit.

4_14_06_316 – 14 Dec 16
Bug fix on displaying customized user guide page which was not shown after PrimeFaces 5.1 upgrade.

4_14_06_315 – 13 Dec 16
Bug fix on fund transfer letter which combines two split settlements in one letter. The fix is to include page break for each settlement split.

4_14_06_314 – 12 Dec 16
Bug fix on all listing pages where there is unexpected behaviour occurred that is caused by PrimeFaces 5.1 upgrade. E.g:
(i) Under Reporting > Standard, filter the search box, for example Foreign Exchange, list will only contains Foreign Exchange reports. However, after print a report and click browser’s back button, the list no longer filtered.
(ii) Call/Sweep module – Select Cumulative view, click Refresh with cumulative analysis. Then, not able to switch the view back to Activity.
(iii) Dashboard – Select the parameters to print for dashboard. Click View. The parameters will be set to blank after chart is displayed.

4_14_06_313 – 8 Dec 16
Added new date format patterns to USD FORMAT_DATE.

4_14_06_312 – 5 Dec 16
Bug fix on MT940 scheduled import for multiple messages in one file.

4_14_06_311 – 2 Dec 16
Bug fix on MT940 import page to display the user guide link.

Enhancement to differentiate between Term Loan narratives for:
(i) Additional Borrowing
(ii) Additional Borrowing + interest repayment
(iii) Interest capitalized
(iv) Principal repayment + Interest capitalisation

4_14_06_310 – 30 Nov 16
Enhancement to read multiple MT940 messages in one file.

4_14_06_309 – 28 Nov 16
Enhancement to differentiate the Term Loan repayment narrative between P & I, P only or I only.

4_14_06_308 – 25 Nov 16
Upgrade Prime Faces 3.5 to 5.1.

Fix critical vulnerability in User Report where whoever has the access rights to this module will be able to do select statement from system tables.

4_14_06_307 – 24 Nov 16
Enhancement in compliance asset class to include Money Market Fund security type.

4_14_06_306 – 24 Nov 16
Enhancement to show unbooked periodic cash flows for Term Loan and IRS in Cash Settlement.

4_14_06_305 – 23 Nov 16
Fix on the performance for running T_ACTFORPROJ UDF.

4_14_06_304 – 16 Nov 16
Bug fix on Fee Amortization calculation. Added Apache Common Math jar to handle cublic spline interpolation.

4_14_06_303 – 15 Nov 16
Bug fix on page error in the Chart of Account screen when refresh 1402 (MIS: Fee Prepaid) and 1403 (MIS: Fee Expense) account types.

4_14_06_302 – 10 Nov 16
New module MMF Interest to allow redemption of MMF interest function.

Bug fix on Amending Cash Settlement page to prevent updating when the trade has been amended in another browser tab.

4_14_06_301 – 8 Nov 16
Bug fix on FX rate display in Non-Deliverable Forward module.

4_14_06_300 – 4 Nov 16
Enhancement in Security Prices module to allow maintenance of Daily Mil Rate used for UK securities.

Enhancement in Security module with new security type: Money Market Fund in the new set up screen.

4_14_06_299 – 3 Nov 16
Enhancement on Cash Settlement to suppress cash flow for bank sweep activities booked in the system.

4_14_06_298 – 2 Nov 16
Enhancement to Call/ Sweep module to allow handling of bank sweep activities.

4_14_06_297 – 2 Nov 16
Enhancement to Miscellaneous Cash module and Fees Amortisation.
(i) Miscellaneous Cash module is now renamed to Fees and Cash Transactions.
(ii) Account number field is now replaced by Category field which is user definable and account mapping for Category is done in the Chart of Account.
(iii) Allow fee transaction to link to Term Loan trade for system to generate fees amortisation.

Bug fix on accounting journals for inter-company cash transfer to reflect the counterparty ID.

4_14_06_296 – 1 Nov 16
Bug fix on imported IRS trade for pay and receive margin display.

4_14_06_295 – 1 Nov 16
MMF Interest Enhancement. New table created.

4_14_06_294 – 28 Oct 16
Enhancement on Interco Set Up to allow set up of bank sweep.

4_14_06_293 – 25 Oct 16
Enhancement on SSI Group set up for creating bank sweep group.

4_14_06_292 – 24 Oct 16
Bug fix on report 1418 for an error in computation of Total Inflow, Outflow and Net Cash Flow when report is printed by section/ category.

4_14_06_291 – 20 Oct 16
Bug fixes on Term Loan module for the following items:
(i) Incorrect handling of ME No Adjustment. Dates were not set to the last day of the month when generating repayment schedule.
(ii) TL’s VDate, First Coupon Date and MDate will not be adjusted for good business day during booking/ import TL.
(iii) System will now not adjust VDate and End Date that user passed in from the Periodic screen.
(iv) Remove validation check from front end booking that “VDate must be a business date”.

4_14_06_290 – 18 Oct 16
Rename “Book” button in Interco/ Call Deposit Set Up to “Create”.

4_14_06_289 – 17 Oct 16
Bug fix on report 2004 Money Market Trade by Ccy/ Type to exclude accounting centre that has been removed from the group so that it does not show in the report.

4_14_06_288 – 12 Oct 16
Differences in interco interest calculation. Bug fix on report 3108 Interco/ Call Deposit Interest Income and Expenses for 0.01 difference with interest shown in Cumulative screen.

4_14_06_287 – 6 Oct 16
Bug fix on Interco/ Call Deposit Shortname drop down to populate based on enterprise and check for unique shortname.

4_14_06_286 – 5 Oct 16
Enhancement in Interco Funding module to allow for booking with external counterparty. This module is now called Interco/ Call Deposit module.

4_14_06_285 – 5 Oct 16
Enhancement in Term Loan import to allow import without structure. Changes made are:
(i) Ref column is no longer a mandatory field.
(ii) Included First Coupon field in “TL_Trade” tab.
(iii) Included Repayment Style field in “TL_Trade” tab.

Enhancement to report 7022 Forecast Activities Comparison by Cycle to add new parameter for Source.

4_14_06_284 – 4 Oct 16
Enhancement to show unbooked coupon cash flow in the following areas:
(i) Cash Activity
(ii) Report 1418 Actual/Forecast Analysis under Treasury Activity section.
(iii) Report 1028 Settlement Diary
(iv) Report 1015 Upcoming Settlements
(v) Report 1413 Cash Worksheet
(vi) Report 1428 Cash Movement by Bank Account Group

4_14_06_283 – 3 Oct 16
Enhance our codes for the FX/NDF MTM/PnL Reports to remove the hardcode ‘*’ that is used to determine how the NDF currency will display in the reports and allow to display the currency up to 10 characters.

Enhancement in the Create and Amend Facility screen to hide portfolio field as there is no relationship for setting up portfolio for a facility.

4_14_06_282 – 3 Oct 16
Bug fix on the interest calculation shown in Term Loan Periodic screen. Interest is incorrectly computed when there is a principal repayment and rate reset in between an interest period.

Bug fix on Contingent Liability module and report 2206 Outstanding Contingent Liability to show trades booked on behalf of an accounting centre when pulled by Acct Cntr Group where the on behalf accounting centre is a member of the group.

Enhancement in Tools screen for Bond Amortisation. This allows user to query from the screen directly to check for bond amortisation.

New standard reports for Accounting.
– Report ID: 3016, Description: Balance Sheet Posted/Unposted Account Items, Access Rights: 70318.
– Report ID: 3017, Description: Income Statement Posted/Unposted Account Period Summary, Access Rights: 70319.
– Report ID: 3018, Description: Period Income Statement Analysis (Posted), Access Rights:70320





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