4_14_06_262 – 22 Jun 16
– Enhancement to have Free Trial Web Service method for CS Lucas.
– Bug fix on Fee Amortisation tool.

4_14_06_261 – 7 Jun 16
Fee Amortisation Tool
– Enhancement in the Tools screen to show fee amortisation computation.

4_14_06_260 – 3 Jun 16
Report 1418 and 1427
– Tune the query to improve report generation time.

4_14_06_259 – 2 Jun 16
Bug fix on amount not shown on NDF and NDF Fixing confirmation letters if the amount is too large.

Bug fix on wrong sign of interest capitalize interest payable being booked which result to wrong computation of period interest.

4_14_06_258 – 1 Jun 16
Enhancement on Report ID: 1617 to include facility shortname.

4_14_06_257 – 24 May 16
Bug fix on page Ss1015 unable to display userguide icon.

Bug fix on page Ss2001 unable to display userguide icon.

4_14_06_256 – 19 May 16
Free Trial webservice method for CS Lucas.

4_14_06_255 – 12 May 16
Bug fix on IRS import, Start Date of first item not correct.

4_14_06_254 – 10 May 16
Add IRS MTM trade to demo load sheet.

4_14_06_253 – 22 Apr 16
Allow developer to publish tooltip to extension store.

4_14_06_252 – 19 Apr 16
New sweep ratio report.
Report ID: 1429, Category: Reporting: Cash Management.

4_14_06_251 – 19 Apr 16
Bug fix on displaying the facility in trade booking screen. Currently if the facility has a few limits maintained on different with effect dates, it will appear multiple times in the Facility drop down list.

4_14_06_250 – 18 Apr 16
Enhancement to include Settle Convention and Accrual Method for Security load template.

Bug fix on import load sheet to prompt for missing mandatory items if only dates are filled with all other mandatory fields left blank.

4_14_06_249 – 15 Apr 16
Bug fix on the Cash Activities for displaying the data based on the portfolio selected.

Bug fix on Money Market rollover amount when combining two money market transactions (with withholding tax) and roll to another period. The P+I calculation took the two principals with interest plus one of the withholding tax, which is incorrect. It should take P+I net of withholding tax for both transactions.

4_14_06_248 – 14 Apr 16
Bug fix on Tools: IRS MTM Sorting.

Enhancement for Bank Reconciliation.

4_14_06_247 – 11 Apr 16
Bug fix to make soft amend unavailable for deleted trades only, rollover and confirmed trades should allow the soft amend.

4_14_06_246 – 5 Apr 16
Enhancement to allow forecast cycle data to be duplicated.

4_14_06_245 – 1 Apr 16
Enhancement to disable update outside forecast cycle dates by disabling the columns instead of a message prompt when user update the forecast.





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