4_14_06_168 – 29 Sep 2015
Bug fix on creating new rate type in Exchange Rates Maintenance.
– There was an error when creating rates under a different rate type because the exchange rate table had a foreign key constraint that was not removed.

4_14_06_167 – 28 Sep 2015
A new report “Entity Group Assignment by User Group” that shows the accounting centres that the access user group is applicable to.
Category: Reporting: Core, Report ID: 1029, Access Rights: 70307

4_14_06_166 – 28 Sep 2015
Enhancement in reporting to allow the capability to do pivot table and chart.

4_14_06_165 – 23 Sep 2015
New chart: Overdraft Availability by SSI bar chart.
– Added 2 new fields “OD Ccy” and “OD Limit” to the Accounting Centre SSI set up to keep overdraft information.

Enhancement in Cash Settlement screen.
– Added “Select All” button in the Cash Settlement listing screen to allow user to select all the settlements with a click of the button.

4_14_06_164 – 23 Sep 2015
Alerts enhancement to allow scheduling with minutes.

4_14_06_163 – 22 Sep 2015
Alerts enhancement to allow setting up alerts.

4_14_06_162 – 17 Sep 2015
Enhancement in report 2206 Outstanding Contingent Liability standard and user report to show Bank Guarantee trade that is issued using facility of other accounting centre.

4_14_06_161 – 15 Sep 2015
Bug fix on IRS Structure maintenance screen’s page footer to allow to go to next page if structure has more than one page.

4_14_06_160 – 4 Sep 2015
Bug fix on “Our Dealer” field shown in the trade entry screen to reflect the user id who does the hard amend only, user who does the soft amend will only be captured in the history log of the trade.

Bug fix on trade entry information at the Trade Control screen to show the actual dealer id of the trades imported from the load template, not the person/ user id who does the import.

4_14_06_159 – 3 Sep 2015
Added access rights to import interest rate function. Category: Interest Rate, Access Rights: 12521

Enhancement to import MT940 files into CS Lucas system for end of the day balances.

4_14_06_158 – 2 Sep 2015
Bug fix on the Interest Rate Swap import error on the structure type.

4_14_06_157 – 27 Aug 2015
A new Facility Utilisation report that shows trades utilizing on facility. Category: Reporting: Facility, Report ID: 1642, Access Rights: 70299.

4_14_06_156 – 26 Aug 2015
Enhancement in the Extension Store for loading logo images.

4_14_06_155 – 26 Aug 2015
Enhancement for SSI signatory maintenance (CSL21243).

Enhancement for Hedge Effectiveness.

4_14_06_154 – 25 Aug 2015
Enhancement to have duplicate function in Dashboard and to show dashboard criteria on chart.

4_14_06_153 – 19 Aug 2015
Enhancement in Rpt1015 Upcoming Settlements to pass in “Number of Days” as the report parameter replacing “From Day” and “To Day” to view settlements in x number of days.

4_14_06_152 – 14 Aug 2015
Bug fix on refreshing fixing deals page error if there is unapproved SSI in the SSI group selected. Bug fix on page error when navigate to Assign SSI Member page if there is unapproved SSI in the SSI Group.

4_14_06_151 – 13 Aug 2015
Standard page header enhancement in all report xhtml pages.

4_14_06_150 – 13 Aug 2015
Enhancement for umbrella facility.

4_14_06_149 – 5 Aug 2015
Teamroom enhancement.

4_14_06_148 – 3 Aug 2015
New charts based on report 1624 and 1626.

Bug fix on netting trade letter.

4_14_06_147 – 28 Jul 2015
Primeface theme switcher enhancement.

4_14_06_146 – 24 Jul 2015
POI for XLS & XLSX import enhancement.

4_14_06_145 – 23 Jul 2015
Upgrade iReport 5.6.0 to B_Ver_4_14_06.

4_14_06_144 – 21 Jul 2015
Change all “Cancel” button in the system to “Back icon” button.

4_14_06_143 – 15 Jul 2015
Enhancement in Money Market Rollover letter.

4_14_06_142 – 15 Jul 2015
Enhancement in Rpt2206 Outstanding Contingent Liability to allow text wrap if the narrative is too long. New chart Borrowing by Currency based on Rpt1627 Facility Master.

4_14_06_141 – 13 Jul 2015
Enhancement in Non-Deliverable Forward transaction to display minimum 6 and maximum 15 decimal places for contract rate.

4_14_06_140 – 13 Jul 2015
Enhancement in Non-Deliverable Forward confirmation letter to display minimum 6 and maximum 15 decimal places for contract rate.

4_14_06_139 – 10 Jul 2015
A new Settlement Diary that allows to user to view settlement diary by range of dates. Category: Reporting: Core, Report ID: 1028, Rights ID: 70297.

4_14_06_138 – 10 Jul 2015
Enhancement to remove “Swift Code” field in all confirmation letters generated by the system.

4_14_06_137 – 10 Jul 2015
Rename Money Market Transaction “Borrow” and “Lend” to “Borrow/ Loan” and “Lend/ Place”.

4_14_06_136 – 8 Jul 2015
Enhancement and bug fix on report 8036, investment bond coupon activity – new purchase, report 8032 and 8036.

Bug fix in Term Loan journal. System does not journal for withholding tax for additional principal and interest repayment on same day.

4_14_06_135 – 8 Jul 2015
Enhancement in Money Market Rollover Letter.

Bug fix on Money Market confirmation letter. User is unable to print the letter when the cash settlement is split into two different accounts.

Bug fix on Chairman (Borrow) user report to exclude matured facility.

Bug fix on withholding set up for RGE to allow booking of interco funding trades with only one pair set up for withholding tax.

4_14_06_134 – 7 Jul 2015
Enhancement in FX confirmation letter to display minimum 6 and maximum 15 decimal places for contract rate.

4_14_06_133 – 7 Jul 2015
Bug fixes on the following areas:
– History log for Term Loan and Interest Rate Swap module.
– Import IRS. System does not read “P_Margin” and “R_Margin” properly when these fields are left blank.
– Rounding issue on displaying rate in Maintain IRS screen. – Page error when updating an IRS repayment item.
– Page error when “Acct Cntr” field is blank and “Margin” button is clicked in Cash Sweeping screen.

4_14_06_132 – 6 Jul 2015
Access rights tidy up and removed unused access rights.

4_14_06_131 – 3 Jul 2015
Bug fix on Withholding Tax journal for Term Loan. System incorrectly journal the withholding tax for Term Loan transaction.

Enhancement in FX screens to display minimum 6 and maximum 15 decimal places for contract rate.

4_14_06_130 – 2 Jul 2015
Bug fix on error in Cash Settlement screen when no account has been set up for the interco counterparty.

4_14_06_129 – 1 Jul 2015
CSL21367 – Groupmember Assignment > Accessrights page
CSL21368 – Groupmember Assignment > Entity groupmember page





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