CS Lucas has launched a new Treasury Management System designed to ensure the reliance upon spreadsheets in treasury is eliminated. We believe that treasurers should be working with the best tools available to them in order to perform to industry standard. That is why we have developed CS Lucas Essentials. 

 CS Lucas Essentials is our new, cost effective treasury management solution that will provide treasurers with quick access to an industry proven and matured system. We have created five Essential Editions, made to answer to the day-to-day needs of treasurers.  

Essential: Built for small treasury teams who rely on spreadsheets to manually keep track of their treasury operations. Maximize your value add by using a treasury management system for free. With the Essential Edition, all your cash management needs are met, you’ll have access to: 

  • 2 accounting centres 
  • 2 financial instruments 
  • 5 forecast lines 
  • 10 open transactions 

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    Professional: Built for treasury teams with power users that need treasury management system to manage financial instrumentsdeliver cash visibility with ease and provide accounting integration. For a monthly fee of $50 per user, you’ll have access to: 

    • 5 accounting centres 
    • 4 financial instruments 
    • 15 forecast lines 
    • 40 open transactions 
    • 1 systems integrations 

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      Business: Built for established treasury teams who want a scalable treasury management system  to help collaborate in real-time across time zone and geography. The Business Edition’s unlimited forecast lines, custom dashboards and team rooms help your treasury department work cohesively on one secure platform. For a monthly fee of $180 per user, you’ll have access to: 

      • 20 accounting centres 
      • 5 financial instruments 
      • Unlimited forecast lines 
      • 100 open transactions 
      • 2 systems integrations 
      • Team rooms 

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         Enterprise: Built for enterprises with treasury departments who need a system that will work to meet the demands of their operations. The Enterprise Edition offers extensive integration to price feeds and trading portals, provides reports on demand and allows unlimited access to all necessary cash management tools. For a monthly fee of $350 per user, you’ll have access to: 

        • Unlimited accounting centres 
        • All financial transactions 
        • Unlimited open transactions 
        • 5 systems integrations 
        • Team rooms 
        • Access to Bloomberg, ICD and ERP terminals 

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          Unlimited: A treasury system that is designed to meet bespoke enterprise-wide securityaudit and service level compliance.  This dedicated platform is fully scalable to unlimited users.  Help  take control of all treasury and payment operations around the globe 24/7. Call an advisor to discuss this option.  

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          Each of our Editions comes with email, telephone and chat supportas well as access to onsite user guides and training videos.  

          As a company, CS Lucas has been dedicated to providing award winning treasury solutions for the last 25 years. A treasury management system is necessary for treasury operations to run smoothly. Tracking cash forecasts, multiple transactions and ensuring compliance is met cannot be done through spreadsheets and should not be done over multiple platforms. A treasury management system, like CS Lucas ensures the secure hosting of your company’s financial data in one place. A treasury management system like CS Lucas Essentials, ensures that your company’s financial data is securely hosted, reliably – with no complexity and no cost.  


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