Trusted Solutions
for Treasurers

Essential Treasury Management Systems, created to adapt with you.
CS Lucas has provided award-winning treasury solutions to fast-growing enterprises for over 25 years. Our robust and matured treasury systems have been made with Treasurers’ real world needs in mind. Our ethos has always been to offer choice to Treasurers and add value to their day-to-day with access to intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports for total cash visibility and forecasting needs.

Treasurers’ needs have had to evolve to meet the demands of the rapid digitization throughout the finance industry. Treasurers’ needs are constantly evolving to serve rapidly changing business conditions.

However, treasury management systems are not developing fast enough to meet these diverse operational needs. CS Lucas Essentials has been created to address the different challenges that treasury departments face.

Get started with our Essential Edition. And as your needs change, choose from our five plans to find features that will maximise your value-add. Help drive your company forward and make informed decisions with complete control over treasury operations, with a treasury solution that has been created by you, for you. Streamline, scale and make your operations collaborative on one cohesive and secure platform with CS Lucas Essentials.

Our helpful and experienced consultants are on hand to guide your success. With quick access via our easy-to-use modern interface, onboarding has never been easier.

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