Launching Money Market Module (W5)

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This document gives a step-by-step procedure on how to launch the Money Market module and filter for trade booked in the system.


1. From the main menu, select Transaction > Money Market.


2. Money Market page is shown below.


The Accounting Centre and the Maturity Date fields will have default values as follows:

– Accounting Centre will be populated with the default value based on preference set up under User and Rights.
– Maturity Date will be populated with the current date.

These values may be overridden if user’s favourite values are set up (see below).

3. User may also set other filter criteria to queries if required, (e.g., Trade Dates, Value Dates.) These filter fields are not mandatory.

4. Click Refresh to populate the list of trades booked.

5. This query list allows users to save commonly used filter criteria as “favourites.” To know how to save favourites, click here.

6. If favourites are saved, you may click on Floppy disk Button once to apply them.

7. User may also filter for specific transactions based on column values by keying in the appropriate values in the field at the top of each column. For example, in Trade ID, put in 399 and it will appear as below:


8. The list may also be sorted ascending or descending by toggling on the Up and Down Button next to each column name.
9. To export what is displayed on the list, click on the Export button. It will then download the Excel version.


FAQ01. The system prompts that I cannot access the Money Market module.

Please check that you have sufficient access rights. The access right for this process is 11610.

FAQ02. How do I save favourites?

Please refer to this link.


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