Data visualisation for Corporate Treasurer

Webinar Outline

The amount of transactions and information that a treasury team process is enormous.  The relationship between data points are complex.  All these data needs to be consolidated, analysed and then presented succintly.  And we cannot tolerate any delay in assembling this analysis because in a rapidly chaning situation, the information becomes “stale” in no time at all.  

How do you do this?

Join us in his webinar where we will share how users can cut, dice, extract and transform data from different sources.   We’ll show how the results are  rendered into dashboard that helps people see and understand their data.  Come and witness the following:

      • Ease of use
      • Fast analysis
      • Real time updates
      • Publish and sharing
Webinar was recorded live on 03 July 2020 2:00pm SGT / 2:00pm BST
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