CS Lucas offers a Software-as-a-Service model that allows companies and enterprises to consume the treasury management services on-demand and as required. Services are securely and economically delivered anywhere in the world over the Internet, dramatically improving the business case for companies that wish to adopt a professional treasury management solution.

Flexibility to Evolve

The CS Lucas cloud service is designed for full performance, flexibility and agility. Subscribe to the entire feature-set or choose only the modules you require. Configurable to your workflow and corporate practices, you can also add new modules or license seats as needed.

By subscribing to the CS Lucas cloud service, you do not need to worry about the installation of hardware and configuring software. Upon signing up for the service, you will be up and running in no time without the need for time-consuming system implementation. Instead, reap immediate benefits by logging in to CS Lucas’ powerful treasury management solution through any web browser.

Get Access to Powerful Features

Static data, price/exchange rate and historical transactions can be uploaded via a spreadsheet template. Data is interchanged through a spreadsheet and a list of trades or reports can be imported or exported with the click of a button.

CS Lucas’ cloud service offers a compelling advantage for any company that wants the performance and reliability of a trusted financial solution in a hassle-free package that retains maximum flexibility and agility.