Catering to the needs of medium-to-large sized corporations, conglomerates, fund managers, family offices and public sector holding companies, the CS Lucas solution has been developed based on years of real-world experience working with group treasuries.

Key functions include:

Cash management

Automatically load data from bank statements, monitor bank account projections, track cash sweeps and projections, and maintain daily cash projects.

Liquidity management

Track operating and project forecasts, consolidate finances across multiple companies, account for multiple currencies and different exchange rates. Track trade settlements, new draw downs and repayment schedules. Manage many-to-many rollovers and rollbacks, and monitor inter-company dealings.

Investment management

Handle different instruments from fixed income and short term bills to equity, warrants and structured securitized assets. Setup limits based on risk-profiles for the tagging of securities/counterparty, create different levels of compliance breaches and generate portfolio-based carrying values.

Liability management

Keep an account of lending and borrowing facilities and related interest rate risks. Tracks repayment and maturity profiles, average loan life, as well as fixed, hedged and variable interest rate profiles. Set real-time limits against multiple asset and liability classes. Monitor syndication arrangements and facility covenants.

Foreign exchange management

Monitor trading facilities and currency swaps, track open and settled positions. Provide mark-to-market positions of open positions by portfolio. Manage many-to-many rollovers and rollbacks, and monitor inter-company dealings.